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Author barry
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Date 2017-09-04.17:07:16
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I'll preface that it's not a major issue that I feel *has* to be fixed, but given that assert *can* be compiled away, does it make sense to use abort() instead?  E.g.

1 file changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
Python/compile.c | 4 ++--

modified   Python/compile.c
@@ -1350,8 +1350,8 @@ get_const_value(expr_ty e)
     case NameConstant_kind:
         return e->v.NameConstant.value;
-        assert(!is_const(e));
-        return NULL;
+        /* We should never get here. */
+        abort();

This at least makes gcc happy and makes the intent clearer.
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