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Impossible... Yea, right...
Will documenting it help to solve it?
If that's impossible, then how do other programs deal with it? What does make Python so special?
I still don't see anything impossible. If other programs can do it but Python IDLE can't do it for now, then it's called either "hard" or "I don't want to do it", but not "impossible".

First of all I would try to find out how does cyrillic work with other programs(sorry, I don't know that). Probably their approach to this situation could be just copied to Python IDLE behaviour.

Japanese wan't help you with cyrillic. This ticket is about cyrillic!!!

ascii is not the only encoding, that exists. Could it be as possible solution to use unicode incoding with Python when it comes down to hotkeys?

If there is something that makes Japaneese and cyrillic languages incompatible with each other to use hotkeys, well, then you could just add option to choose which language is preferable to user (either in installed program, or during installatioin).

Windows command prompt doesn't support cyrillic by default, but there is a code in C, that makes it work with cyrillic input and output. Python was written on C, so I'm sure it could be helpful even if it doesn't work directly.
Here is this code for C/C++:
setlocale(0, "Ukrainian");
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