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Before reading the patch, more thoughts on the features, options, and behavior: nothing is Shell only; codecontext, rstrip, and runscript are properly limited to editors; the others are enabled for both.  I think paragraph could have been editor only, but I would not enforce that now.  I want current enable defaults to be build-in, with needed disabling handled otherwise.

autocomplete: popupwait is needed, a large value will disable.  (In root.after(n, func), a negative delay is the same as no delay.)

codecontext: has multiple bugs, including the usage of 'visible', which should no longer be used; see *22703.  I think the actual number of lines should be variable, up to numlines.  Implementing that would be another issue, but numlines = 0 should disable the feature.  (This is interpreted the same as numlines=1 in current IDLE when codecontext is enabled.)  The menu entry should continue to toggle code context for the current window, but should not set 'visible'.

Some sort of distinct highlighting is needed.

Adding new shortcuts, such as for code-context, is not part of this issue.  There are other menu entries, such as 'Recent files' that need a shortcut just as much or more.  This should be a separate issue.

paragraph: max_width is needed.

parenmatch: 'style' is needed. I presume some timer is.  I am not sure why this particular instance of an audible signal for error (as opposed to SyntaxError, for instance) is needed.

Add a new, distinct highlighting for paren matching should be a separate issue

zoomheight: useful when it works right, but more or less useless on Windows as it zooms under the taskbar, obscuring the status bar.  How about on other systems?

On Windows 10, pulling the top of the window up to the top of the screen or the bottom down to (but not under) the taskbar zooms the opposite border. Pulling either border away pulls the opposite away also.
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