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Date 2017-08-17.13:52:08
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Itamar wrote up a post describing the GC variant of this problem in more detail:

In particular, he highlighted a particularly nasty action-at-a-distance variant of the deadlock where:

1. Someone registers a logging.handlers.QueueHandler instance with the logging system
2. One or more types in the application or libraries it uses call logging functions in a __del__ method or a weakref callback
3. A GC cycle triggers while a log message is already being processed and hence the thread already holds the queue's put() lock
4. Things deadlock because the put() operation isn't re-entrant

As far as I can see, there's no application level way of resolving that short of "Only register logging.handlers.QueueHandler with a logger you completely control and hence can ensure is never used in a __del__ method or weakref callback", which doesn't feel like a reasonable restriction to place on the safe use of a standard library logging handler.
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