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this is the comment on the assert:

/* Python's cyclic gc should never see an incoming refcount 
 * of 0:  if something decref'ed to 0, it should have been 
 * deallocated immediately at that time. 
 * Possible cause (if the assert triggers):  a tp_dealloc  
 * routine left a gc-aware object tracked during its teardown 
 * phase, and did something-- or allowed something to happen -- 
 * that called back into Python.  gc can trigger then, and may 
 * see the still-tracked dying object.  Before this assert 
 * was added, such mistakes went on to allow gc to try to 
 * delete the object again.  In a debug build, that caused 
 * a mysterious segfault, when _Py_ForgetReference tried 
 * to remove the object from the doubly-linked list of all 
 * objects a second time.  In a release build, an actual 
 * double deallocation occurred, which leads to corruption 
 * of the allocator's internal bookkeeping pointers.  That's 
 * so serious that maybe this should be a release-build 
 * check instead of an assert?  

I've also attached a file that's similar to the code we run in production, however couldn't get it to reproduce the crash.  In the datafile it uses it has some tuples like the following:
StationTuple = namedtuple('StationTuple', ['stationname', 'stationsubtype', 's2id'])
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