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Date 2017-07-28.16:50:51
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As briefly discussed on comp.lang.python, I propose to add an optional filter callback function to zipapp.create_archive.

The function could perhaps work like the os.walk generator or maybe just lets you to return a simple boolean for every folder/file that it wants to include in the zip.

My use case is that I sometimes don't want to include every file in the root folder into the zip file (I want to be able to skip temporary or irrelevant folders such as .git/.svn, .tox, .tmp and sometimes want to avoid including *.pyc/*.pyo files).  Right now, I first have to manually clean up the folder before I can use zipapp.create_archive.

(Instead of providing a filter callback fuction, another approach may be to provide your own dir/file generator instead, that fully replaces the internal file listing logic of zipapp.create_archive?)
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