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Date 2017-07-26.14:45:35
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This is a result of a known quirk in the way sys.path entry execution works: the search for "" isn't constrained specifically to sys.path[0].

That's almost entirely a bad thing, but I'd been ignoring it because I hadn't thought of a nice way of fixing it that didn't require some substantial changes to the import system APIs.

However, it just occurred to me that I may have been overcomplicating matters: we don't need to keep runpy from *finding* a from outside sys.path[0] in this case, we just need to keep it from *running* it.

That means that after we find the candidate module spec for __main__, we can introduce a new constraint:

    if os.path.commonpath([sys.path[0], spec.origin]) != sys.path[0]:
        raise RuntimeError(...)

It might still be a little fiddly to decide exactly when to enforce the constraint, but it should still be much easier than attempting to constrain the search for the spec directly.
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