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Date 2017-07-24.15:33:00
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I am still thinking about how to handle user customization of key defs and values.

The current extensions tab does not enable custom key defs, so that would be a new feature, and hence could be handled separately, and normally.  I have not yet looked at the patch to see if it does anything in this regard.

I would like to move custom values to config-main.  But if we do that, existing customizations would be ignored and new customization will not be seen by older versions.  A second possibility is to write changes to both config-main and config-extensions, but reading them from both places would be a nuisance.  A third is to keep those options on config-extensions and ignore the enable fields even though idleConf would continue to read them. Whatever we do, we will need additions to config help and a 'see help' message.

Complicating the decision is that the extension tab was first added, two years ago I think, as a separate dialog with a separate system for handling user changes.  When we moved it to a new tab, we did *not* convert it to using the existing system.  Another existing deficiency is that there is no validity check on entries.

Fortunately, the decision of where to display is separate from where to store.  But if displays are moved, the machinery for extension display will have to be changed to ignore values displayed elsewhere.
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