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Author Nir Soffer
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Date 2017-07-23.00:15:16
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Asyncore is not thread safe, and cannot be called from multiple threads. Hence it does not need to copy the socket_map when preparing for poll or

The copy was introduced in:

commit d74900ebb5a22b387b49684990da1925e1d6bdc9
Author: Josiah Carlson <>
Date:   Mon Jul 7 04:15:08 2008 +0000

    Committing Py3k version of changelist 64080 and 64257, along with updated tests
    for smtpd, which required updating with the new semantics.

This is a huge patch, looks like port of asyncore to python 3, trying to 
keep the behavior of the python 2 code.

Converting map.items() to list(map.items()) is correct, but on python 3 we
can take advantage of the fact that items() does not copy anything.
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