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> The way IDLE looks on Mac is what we want on all systems.  I added a note to #24826.

I'm not sure I understand you. This is what I have on Windows today. Of course, the menu is replicated on each window, but that's an irrelevant detail - it doesn't take that much space, and I use keyboard to access it anyway.

What I emphasized is something else: separate windows that can be independently opened, closed, moved and resized. When Raymond needs a few characters more in a line, he just temporarily resizes the window - everything else stays at the same place, ready for return to the previous state.

I think it's essential, and I must say I have never seen it in a tabbed interface application.

> Do you regularly work on Mac?  It would be help if someone were to test PRs on OSX, especially patches intended to change what users see.  Even a weekly test of a fresh download from the repository would be helpful.

No, sorry. I use Windows at home and Linux at work, I have never worked on a Mac. As I said above, my point was not the position of the main menu, but the ability to position windows where I want them on the screen.
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