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This suggestion will make pyenv much better. 

To emphasize the need, there are many places that due to security you cannot build virtualenv.  Rather you have to push a virtualenv with your python code. Often enough, you also don't have control on where the code will be stationed on the installation server.  Hence the mobility of virtualenv is important for Python code to be migratable.  Many times I find myself and other edit activate shell scripts correcting their path to a relative one.

In fact, virtualenv has --relocatable flag but it doesn't do anything to the batch and shell activate files.  Python programs in Scripts, however, are already built with a relative path.  There is no reason not to do that to the shell and batch programs.

The only thing is that there will need to be more particular shell activate scripts (tcsh, ksh, csh, etc) as they may have different characteristics for relativity.

Progress is not defined by how things are, but how they can be.
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