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If you need the 2.7 behaviour (anonymous mappings) in 3.5 then you can still do it, with some effort. I think the approach that requires the smallest amount of work would be to ensure that subprocesses are started using fork(), by calling multiprocessing.set_start_method('fork'), and then monkey-patch multiprocessing.heap.Arena.__init__ so that it creates anonymous mappings using mmap.mmap(-1, size).

(I suggested above that Python could be modified to create anonymous mappings in the 'fork' case, but now that I look at the code in detail, I see that it would be tricky, because the Arena class has no idea about the Context in which it is going to be used -- at the moment you can create one shared object and then pass it to subprocesses under different Contexts, so the shared objects have to support the lowest common denominator.)
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