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Date 2017-07-10.08:39:30
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I reverted the commit which fixes test_datetime to also test Lib/, to repair buildbots. But since I reverted the change, nothing was done so is still not tested :-(

> The tests enabled by "-utzdata" check UTC to local and back conversions at several points around *every* time transition in *every* timezone. On systems with a complete installation of IANA tzdata, this is a lot of test points.
> These tests were supposed to be exhaustive and I did not expect them to be run by default.  that's why I introduced the -utzdata flag in the first place.

Alexander: yeah, having an opt-in option to test all timezones makes sense. It's likely to trigger bugs in some corner cases. But the question is really having our CI.

Alexander, Serhiy: would you be ok to disable tzdata resource on all our CI (Travis CI, AppVeyor, all buildbots)?

*Maybe* we might enable tzdata on selected (fast) buildbots where test_datetime takes less than 20 minutes. But I would prefer to keep the option as an *opt-in*, rather than always running all tests on all CI.
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