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Date 2017-07-09.11:06:21
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`git log` is the magic command.  I won't be able to do it justice because it has too many options, but here are a few.

`git log` shows all commit message history on the current branch.
`git log -p` (p for patch) shows the actual diffs
`git log -p -- path/to/file` shows the diffs for one file
`git log --grep` (with or without file) greps the commit messages
`git log -Sword` (with or without file) greps the file content for word

I don't know how gitgui integrates those commands.

Having said that, I also don't know how to look at branches, so because of the name change on the file, I looked at 3.3 in github and trudged through.  But, it was more of a divide and conquer, so it didn't take long.  I randomly opened a commit and checked the file for the line changes.  I'm sure there would have been a way to do it with git log.
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