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Date 2017-06-28.22:43:53
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The reason that this was done was to give us flexibility in deciding how the backslashes should be interpreted in the future. I announced it on python-dev here: That message contains a link to the python-ideas discussion that precipitated the change.

PEP 536 is one proposal to change how this is handled. I don't entirely agree with it, since I think allowing:
f'Magic wand: { bag['wand'] }'
would be confusing and make life more difficult for simple (regex based) parsers to skip over f-strings.

Notice that in Jupiter ( and in CodeMirror ( they were able to make simple changes to their parsers and "support" f-strings (for some value of "support": mostly not break in the presence of f-strings).

However, I'm not completely opposed to revisiting the issue. Your use case is certainly a compelling one.
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