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Replace 'Relevant History' with the following;

Python and IDLE development policies:

* Dependence on tcl/tk: Except when security is involved, Python is slow to require upgrade of 3rd party dependencies.  IDLE is mostly bound by this.  In July 2010, core developers endorsed future use of ttk widgets.  Serious discussion began in August 2015. In May 2016, it was decided to make tcl/tk 8.5 a requirement for running IDLE, and allow use of ttk widgets. IDLE cannot yet depend on 8.6 being present.  (And so we keep both .gif (for 8.5) and .png (for 8.6+) versions of icons.)

* API changes: Python divides APIs into private -- freely changed -- and public -- slow to change, and only after public discussion and notice.  In July 2010, core developers also endorsed future reorganization of IDLE, such as attaching editors to tabs rather than windows.  But the status of idlelib APIs was then too ambiguous to do the needed refactoring needed.  PEP 434, March 2013, declared most of idlelib to be a private implementation of IDLE.  In May 2016, it was decided to start refactoring freely.

* Enhancements: Python classifies changes as bug-fixes, which can be applied to maintenance versions, or enhancements, which can only be applied to the upcoming development version.  Except for the ttk and re-organization changes, PEP 434 formally exempted IDLE from the need to classify patches, allowing all to be backported.  Currently, all patches are backported from 3.7 to 3.6.
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