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Date 2017-06-28.00:58:08
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Attached is my current sorted list of IDLE issues.  It is a detailed map as opposed to the overview I posted before.

I spent a couple of days last week reviewing issues, making sure that all IDLE issues were marked category IDLE and that all with a patch were on my list, where they are marked by * after the issue number.  (Most everything else should be also.)  After closing 24 issues, there were 220 left, 115 with a patch to review.  I marked a few issues with ** for attention soon.

I obviously need help reviewing existing patches, and in some cases, turning them into github pull requests.

I still need to review and clean up the todos on the list.  I want to review TODO.txt to see what should be added (and then replace that file with this, under a different name).  There are also TODOs and XXXs in individual module files.

I posted a older version to idle-dev about Sept 2015 and will probably do so again.
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