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Author vstinner
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Date 2017-06-26.13:50:01
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The current code of PyThread_acquire_lock_timed() (the implementation not using semaphore) doesn't compute correctly the timeout when pthread_cond_timedwait() is interrupted by a signal. We should recompute the timeout using a deadline.

Something like

if (tvp)
    deadline = _PyTime_GetMonotonicClock() + timeout;

do {
    ... use tvp
    if (errno != EINTR)

    /* select() was interrupted by a signal */
    if (PyErr_CheckSignals())
        goto finally;

    if (tvp) {
        timeout = deadline - _PyTime_GetMonotonicClock();
        if (timeout < 0) {
            n = 0;
        _PyTime_AsTimeval_noraise(timeout, &tv, _PyTime_ROUND_CEILING);
        /* retry select() with the recomputed timeout */
} while (1);
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