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Date 2017-06-25.06:28:44
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I strongly agree with the idea of writing documents that describe a bit of history to help orient new contributors to IDLE as to where the involved contributors see it going.

As a new comer, before I started to trace the codes of idlelib. A question bothers me all the time. "Why do we need idlelib since there are so many brilliant IDEs out there?" And I'm not sure whether should I keep reading the codes or not.

So, I want to say Thank you to Terry. Your draft helped me. 

I'm really happy to see this question had been discussed in summer 2010. And the result is to modernize idlelib. 

However, I have a suggestion :)

Although the result of the discussion is to modernize. I suggest to add few lines to describe the reasons why this decision had been made. And references (if possible) are needed to provide since some readers might want to see the original discussion.

How do you think? :)
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