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I think it's a good start, but may need some tweaking.  For example, the
Menu options should probably somehow stand out from the rest of the text.

I think it would be useful for a beginner, depending on how much of a
beginner they are and how they got to this page.  For example, if I wanted
to learn Python and had no prior programming experience, most likely I
would google 'learn python' (or maybe even just 'learn to program') and
check out those links.  Some results, like the Tutorial in the
docs, focus on getting Python installed and using the interactive
interpreter.  There doesn't seem to be anything in the docs
(except for the FAQ) that suggest using IDLE.  Although, the FAQ might be
one of the first places a beginner would look, so maybe a link from there
to the HOWTO would be helpful.  I think showing how to install IDLE and use
it is important, and that alone would make this page useful.  The current
IDLE doc page has the command line usage in the middle of the page, but
doesn't really just answer how do I install it and how do I run it?

So, assuming a beginner is following some tutorial, they get to a point
where they need an editor.  Following the instructions for installing any
program can be tricky.  Heck, even installing Python might have been
tricky, so good for them if they got this far.  But, without any
instructions for getting IDLE to run, they are left to googling for it.  It
would be great for the python docs can have a step by step installation
instruction and even troubleshooting.  Then, as this HOWTO does, explain
what opens up and how to use the editor, etc.  As I've recently experienced
with git, I find it frustrating to spend half a day trying to get something
to work when it should be easy.  This page could be a one page
introduction/reference so that someone doesn't have to cobble together
answers from all over the internet to questions they didn't even know to
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