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Date 2017-06-16.23:03:54
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Thanks, Terry.  It seems that it *is* the hidden placement algorithm and I just never noticed it before.  I opened a bunch of terminal windows and they opened top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right, then continuing to follow a pattern.  IDLE did the same thing.  However, it isn't always opening the search dialogs in the same place even when I open the three in a row.  Maybe it's the size of the windows or something else that is causing the algorithm to render them differently.  Even though I can now understand the behavior, it's still frustrating because I'd expect the search box to pop up where I'm looking and not somewhere else on the screen entirely.

I have Windows 7 on my work laptop with 2 monitors and behavior was better.  The search dialogs opened more in the middle of the screen, near the IDLE window.  Although, if I put IDLE on the left monitor, the search dialog still opened in the same place on the right monitor, but it was easy to notice.

Thanks for explaining all that about the windows and dialogs.  At this point, I would say that consitency within the app would make it easier to understand for me as a newcomer.  If everything followed the pattern of window, frame, and text, then I wouldn't wonder about the differences, especially if there really isn't any intended difference.  And thank you for the links to those other issues and discussions.
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