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Date 2017-06-16.16:46:55
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Thanks.  It seems like my windows pop-up all over the place.  It's probably a Ubuntu thing.  

I was used to looking at help_about and textview, which cascade over the current window (I think because of self.geometry) and that's what prompted my initial question.  But, the search dialogs aren't even all the same.  

If IDLE is in the middle of the screen,
- 'Find' and 'replace' pin to the top left of my screen, as far top and as far left as it could go.
- 'Find in files' pins to the bottom left, as far to the bottom as possible.

If I move the IDLE window, it generally stays the same as above, but if IDLE is in the top left, then the find and replace are to the right of it and find in files is still at the bottom.

I was going to ask this anyway, but help_about and those dialogs inherit from Toplevel and have a parent, but searchbase doesn't.  I don't understand why there's a difference.  The search dialogs are modal, even though the Output Window isn't.  Maybe it would help to control where they display in relation to a parent window?
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