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When Louie Lu posted a link to
on core-mentorship list, I tested idlelib.
python -m test -ugui test_idle  # SUCCESS, no extraneous output
python -m test -R: test_idle  # SUCCESS, no extraneous output
python -m test -R: -ugui test_idle  # error output, FAILURE
[So people who leaktest without a screen see nothing in idlelib.]

Error output is about 20 copies of the following:
can't invoke "event" command: application has been destroyed
    while executing
"event generate $w <<ThemeChanged>>"
    (procedure "ttk::ThemeChanged" line 6)
    invoked from within

At the end:
test_idle leaked [471, 471, 471, 471] references, sum=1884
test_idle leaked [209, 211, 211, 211] memory blocks, sum=842
[similar for python 3.6]

In a response email, I noted that test_idle gathers tests from idlelib.idle_test.test_* and that something extra is needed to pin leaks to specific test modules.

I don't know whether the absence of 'invoke event' error messages when not running -R means that there are also no refleaks, or not.
import os
import subprocess

testfiles = [name for name in os.listdir() if name.startswith('test_')]
for name in testfiles:
    os.rename(name, 'x'+name)
for name in testfiles:
    os.rename('x'+name, name)
        res =
            ['f:/dev/3x/python.bat', '-m', 'test', '-R:', '-ugui', 'test_idle'],
             stdout=subprocess.PIPE, stderr=subprocess.PIPE)
        if res.returncode:
    except Exception as err:
        print(name, err)
    os.rename(name, 'x'+name)
for name in testfiles:
    os.rename('x'+name, name)
b'beginning 9 repetitions\r\n123456789\r\n\r\ntest_idle leaked [31, 31, 31, 31] references, sum=124\r\ntest_idle leaked [19, 21, 21, 21] memory blocks, sum=82\r\n'
b'beginning 9 repetitions\r\n123456789\r\n\r\ntest_idle leaked [429, 429, 429, 429] references, sum=1716\r\ntest_idle leaked [190, 192, 192, 192] memory blocks, sum=766\r\n'
There are no 'invoke event' messages.

For further testing within each file, by commenting out code, as suggested in the link above, I replaced 'testfiles' in the middle loop with [''] or [''].  For test_macosx, the culprit is class SetupTest.  For test_query, the culprit is class QueryGuiTest.  Adding cls.root.update_idletasks did not solve the problem by itself (as it has in other cases).  I plan to continue another time.
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