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Date 2017-06-08.21:45:38
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Yes, I do want to continue this.  As I explained in msg270522, I shelved (but not abandoned) the autocomplete patch because it caused a test failure I did not (and do not) understand, and because I found another fix for that issue.  The reductions I noted above were for the patch I did apply, not this one.

Update: I just created pr_2011 and test_idle passes.  I'm puzzled. I don't remember patching autocomplete since last July.  Anyway, if the patch works, I can now decide if I really want to go this route.  It makes sense to keep related functions together.  It also makes sense to keep functions that run in the same process together.  I should see if this patch has any noticeable benefit (time and import reduction) and if a similar patch for call tips works and has benefit.
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