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Date 2017-06-06.06:58:08
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I agree with what you says that the prefix of ":" and "@" may confuse beginners when using "goto line" function.

I survey some editor, that visual studio and sublime use this kind of navigate bar, but visual studio will show up "go to line xx" when user type the integer into it.

Komodo editor and Android Studio will prompt up a dialog inside the window (not a separate window dialog) and let user enter the line number.

notepadqq (notepad++ on Linux), leafpad, Code::Blocks, and IDLE will prompt out a seperate dialog for goto function.


If we change to use a Label to display that the navigate bar's function is "Go to line", and close the navigate bar when user focusOut the bar, will it be more proper for the beginner user?


For proposing this patch, one main reason is that Tkinter didn't support not-separate dialog, I'm ok with a dialog or navigate bar (whatever else is ok), if the single-window app is in the roadmap, then we still will need to face that these dialog (search, goto ..etc) need another way to solve it.

If we still want the form of a dialog, then Android Studio's dialog may be what we want for IDLE, it is not separate from main-UI, and it is a traditional dialog. (screenshot attached)

p.s. In unix, the setting of goto-line is control+g, windows is alt+g, both of our shortcut are right.
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