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This PR adds a build infrastructure for Android on linux that allows a developer to check that source code changes do not break the existing state of this support by testing the changes on Android with a simple command. For example after a change to the socket module:
    $ /path/to/python_src/Android/makesetup && make python PYTHON_ARGS="-m test test_socket"

The README in the PR describes how to install the Android NDK and SDK, how to cross-compile Python, how to run python interactively or to run the Python test suite on the emulator, how to debug python on the emulator with gdb.

This build system has been tested with android-ndk-r13 and android-ndk-r14 which is the latest stable release of the NDK.  UnifiedHeaders [1] introduced in android-ndk-r14 is not yet used by this version of the build system.

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