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Date 2017-05-16.13:31:08
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Thank you.  I had some questions that I put on the commit.

You're right about it saying it must be in canonic form and then it calls canonic.  I figured someone added the call later to prevent an error, but didn't change the warning, but I didn't know if I should change it.

I added a comment about get_stack on github.  I know I'm missing something here, but I had trouble documenting that because it didn't look like it was doing what the doc said.

I'm not at my regular computer this week, so I can't add any changes until Saturday.  I'll do the is_skipped_module doc then.

Thank you for the edits on the other docstrings.  They make a lot more sense now.  Although I still don't like the user_* ones.  I hadn't changed them from the original before, but it feels like they should say something else, like what's expected of them.  The test example within helped me understand what can be done with them.
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