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Date 2017-05-15.08:40:58
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"To further clarify, *all* 2.7 Windows builders *are* using VS 2008's compiler toolchain, but they're using VS 2015's MSBuild with VS 2010's description of 2008's compiler toolchain to build the projects described in PCbuild/."

Wait? Why not suggesting to use this recent VS 2015 if it's supported? It's a pain to try to install VS 2008 in 2017: it disappeared from, at least the Express edition. Moreover, it becomes more and more clear that VS 2008 has a worse support than the PCbuild directory.

So why not updating the devguide to suggest first to use the PCbuild directory using VS 2010 or newer? Are the latest VS version able to use PCbuild of Python 2.7?
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