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Date 2017-05-03.16:34:14
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Without looking at the PR there are two ways to interpret my unfortunately vague comment. One is to say that the objects returned by tempfile code should support os.PathLike; that's what Serhiy is objecting to as those are objects representing concrete things on the file system instead of a general concept of a path (i.e. open() returns a concrete file while pathlib returns a path). You could potentially argue that TemporaryDirectory can implement os.PathLike since it does represent a path on the file system, but I see where Serhiy is coming from about how this can be viewed as inappropriate.

The other way to interpret what I said was to make sure things like the 'dir' argument accepted path-like objects.

What I probably meant back in February was the first interpretation, but after hearing Serhiy's argument, I agree that the second interpretation is best. (My apologies to svelankar if they implemented the first idea.)
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