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Date 2017-04-26.06:58:29
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Please stop rearranging everything in the standard library.  Every day I look at the tracker and there is a new patch from this dev that alters dozens of files.  

Some parts of the patch are harmless but other parts needlessly 
constipates the code for very little benefit.  I would be embarrassed to have to explain why core developers think it is a best practice to move a heapq import inside a Counter method.  That isn't a PEP-8 recommended practice.  Ordinarily, we only recommend deferred imports in extreme cases where the resource might not be available at import time or when the import is *very* expensive.

In general, we've already committed too many sins in the name of optimizing start-up time.  Mostly, these are false improvements because many of the changes just defer imports that ultimately end-up being needed anyway.  As we make useful tools, we're going to want to use them in the standard library to make the code better, but that is going to entail greater inter-dependencies and cross-imports.  Trying to avoid these is a losing game.
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