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Author rudnik_lior
Date 2006-07-12.22:04:18
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Python 2.5b1 (r25b1:47027, Jun 20 2006, 09:31:33)

Assuming documentation is correct: (from seek() help
"Note that if the file is opened for appending (mode
'a' or 'a+'), any seek() operations will be undone at
the next write"

Doing the following is __not__ undoing the seek
operation after calling this a few times (Simplified
code snippet):

from __future__ import with_statement
with open(path,'a+') as f:,2) # go to end
    pos = f.tell(),0)
    line = f.readline().strip(),2) # go to end, not effective if opened
with mode a/a+ (currently bug?)

Calling the above code repeatedly didnt increase the
file size beyond 166 bytes (in my code)

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