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Date 2017-04-09.04:02:25
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Just wanted to add that I found this when I was trying to find a way to decorate all methods in a class without using a metaclass or modifying __getattr__.

Using Josh's workaround, here's a simple demonstration that (at least at first glance) prints a message when a method is called and when it is finished:

def mydec(*, enter=True, exit=True):
    def make_closure(__class__):
        return (lambda: super).__closure__
    def outer(cls):
        def wrapper(method):
            def inner(*args, **kwargs):
                if enter:
                    print('entering', method.__qualname__)
                r = method(*args, **kwargs)
                if exit:
                    print('exiting', method.__qualname__)
                return method(*args, **kwargs)
            return inner    
        for name, value in cls.__dict__.items():
            if isinstance(value, types.FunctionType):
                method = types.FunctionType(getattr(cls, name).__code__,
                setattr(cls, name, wrapper(method))
        return cls
    return outer
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