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Date 2017-04-04.18:01:11
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The index currently has


with *list* linked to 6.2.5 List displays.  I suggest:

1. Link *comprehensions* to 6.2.4. Displays for lists, sets and dictionaries
2. Add subentries *set*, *dict*, and *generator* linked to
2a. 6.2.6. Set displays
2b. 6.2.7. Dictionary displays
2c. 6.2.8. Generator expressions

We don't *call* generator expressions 'generator comprehensions', but that is what they are syntactically and one looking for 'comprehensions' should be able to find them there.

There is already

*list comprehensions*

with 'list' and 'list comprehensions' linked to glossary entries, while 'list, comprehensions' links to the same section as 'comprehensions, list'.  

3. Add 'set/dictionary, comprehensions' sub-entries linked like 'list, com
4. Add Glossary entries and links like 'list comprehensions'
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