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Even is IDLE is started from a console, the user execution process is not attached to one.

What I want, from an IDLE perspective, is for ^C in IDLE's shell to work as well as it does in a terminal.  That means either fixing _thread.interrupt_main to always do what it usually does (from a user perspective), or to be given something else to use in .interrupt_the_server() that does so.

The current workaround for stopping runaway code in interactive mode, restarting the shell with cntl-F6 or the menu entry Shell => Restart Shell, is a) obscure and not known to most beginners, and b) does too much in that it throws away the workspace.  It is much like closing a terminal Window with [X], and restarting the terminal and python, instead of using ^C.

Viktor, I am nosying you because of your posts to #21895.  Do you have any comments on this issue?
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