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Hum, maybe I found the root issue: the C signal handler calls Py_AddPendingCall() which uses a lock to protect a global static pendingcalls array (of 32 items). The function tries 100 times in a row to acquire to lock, or does nothing (returns -1) if it fails to acquire the lock.

If we start to allow signals from any thread, this shared pendingcalls array can quickly become a source of race conditions like deadlocks or ignored callbacks.

To avoid deadlocks, IMHO the best is to have a per-thread array which consumes 512 bytes (on 64-bit, 32 items made of 2 pointers).


The _thread module has a strange _thread.interrupt_main() function.


From the point of view of the Python signal handler, the current "if (PyThread_get_thread_ident() != main_thread) return 0;" code in the C signal handler is somehow an implicit pthread_sigmask(signal.SIG_BLOCK, range(1, signal.NSIG)) on all threads except of the main thread, whereas Unix gives a fine control on these masks with the pthread_sigmask() function.


The Windows part is more tricky. A Windows Event object (created by CreateEvent() and retrieved by _PyOS_SigintEvent()) is used to interrupt a few blocking functions:

* my_fgets() used by PyOS_StdioReadline() to implemented "readline" (especially for the REPL)
* _PyOS_WindowsConsoleReadline()
* read_console_w() of Modules/_io/winconsole.c
* time.sleep() -- only if it's the main thread and delay != 0 seconds
* _multiprocessing.SemLock.acquire() -- only if called from the main thread
* _winapi.WaitForMultipleObjects()

The event is set by the SIGINT signal handler set by Python.

Extract of pysleep() comment:

/* Allow sleep(0) to maintain win32 semantics, and as decreed
 * by Guido, only the main thread can be interrupted.
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