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Date 2017-03-22.06:15:06
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When C code needs to compare Python object with int 0 or add int 1 it either use local reference to PyLong_FromLong(0) and PyLong_FromLong(1) which should be decrefed just after use or module level global variable initialized and cleared during initializing and finalizing the module.

Proposed patch adds global variables _PyLong_Zero and _PyLong_One for references to integer objects 0 and 1. This simplifies the code since no need to initialize local variables, check for error the result of PyLong_FromLong() and decref it after use. The patch decreases the total code size by 244 lines.

That variables are only for internal use. User code should use PyLong_FromLong(0) and PyLong_FromLong(1).
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