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Date 2017-03-20.19:22:28
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First, I don't know what version you're testing against because isn't an actual release of Python and 3.6.1 isn't released yet (unless you know something I don't know :) ).

Second, the issue is that you're trying to import a module under a name which doesn't match the file specified. That's causing reload() to not be able to find the original source file to reload against, leading to the None being returned by importlib._bootstrap._find_spec() which is leading to the error you're seeing. (Remember, reload() basically runs like an import statement for the module you're reloading but recycles the module object.)

Third, while an exception is reasonable in this case, it is misleading and reload() should be updated to raise an ImportError if _bootstrap._find_spec() returns None.

I'm marking this issue as an easy fix since you just need to add an `is None` check on a return value and then raise ImportError if necessary in case someone wants to propose a PR to improve the error. It will require a doc update to document the change in the exception raised.
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