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Author elliot.gorokhovsky
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Date 2017-03-12.04:28:44
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It was a release build -- it would blow up in a debug build.

Now, regarding the fix you propose: I'll benchmark it tomorrow. If the
impact is small, I agree that it would be an elegant fix. If not, however,
perhaps we just have to get rid of unsafe_object_compare entirely? The
common use cases would still work just fine, and maybe we could add a case
for bytes or something to compensate for the loss.

On Sat, Mar 11, 2017 at 9:12 PM Tim Peters <> wrote:

> Tim Peters added the comment:
> Elliot, did you run the example in a release build or a debug build?  I'm
> wondering why this:
>    assert(v->ob_type == w->ob_type &&
>           v->ob_type->tp_richcompare != NULL &&
>           v->ob_type->tp_richcompare == compare_funcs.key_richcompare);
> didn't blow up (in `unsafe_object_compare`).
> If that does blow up in a debug build, it suggests "a fix":
> unconditionally check whether the tp_richcompare slot is the expected
> value.  If not, use `PyObject_RichCompareBool(v, w, Py_LT)` instead.
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