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The CLI was added in Issue 13477. I didn’t see any discussion of traversal attacks there, so maybe it was overlooked. Perhaps there should also be a warning, like with the Tarfile.extract and “extractall” methods.

However I did see one of the goals was to keep the CLI simple, which I agree with. I would suggest that the CLI get this proposed behaviour by default (matching the default behaviour of modern “tar” commands), with no option to restore the current less-robust behaviour.

To implement it, I suggest to fix the module internals first: Issue 21109 and/or Issue 17102.

FWIW BSD calls the option “--absolute-paths” (plural paths) <>, while Gnu calls it “--absolute-names” <>. Both these options disable other checks, such as for parent directories (..) and external symbolic link targets, so I think the term “absolute” is too specific. But please use at least replace the underscore with a dash or hyphen: “--absolute-path”, not “--absolute_path”.
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