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I agree that it's reasonable to have glibc's aliases override
the ones, but this patch makes some pretty significant changes to Python's default assumptions with respect to default encodings for several locales.

While some changes obviously make sense (e.g. 'ca_AD.ISO8859-1' to 'ca_AD.ISO8859-15'), others are less clear (e.g. 'cy_GB.ISO8859-1' to 'cy_GB.ISO8859-14' or 'tg_TJ.KOI8-C' to 'tg_TJ.KOI8-T' or several of the moves from ISO encodings to UTF-8). Is there some reference for why glibc chose different values than for these ?

I also don't understand why some "xx.utf-8" locale mappings were removed - I don't think we should remove those, unless they are no lot needed due to some other logic implying these mappings.

Since these are major changes, we need an appropriate warning in the NEWS file (and the "What's New" document), an update of the top comment (under "### Database") to mention that the glibc database takes precedence and where to find it,
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