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Date 2017-02-17.09:57:02
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Content uses sysconfig (and sysconfigdata, _osx_support) module for user-site package.

But sysconfig module is not so lightweight, and very rarely used.
Actually speaking, only tests and distutils uses sysconfig in stdlibs.

And it takes about 7% of startup time, only for searching user-site path.

I tried to port minimal subset of sysconfig into (GH-136).
But 'PYTHONFRAMEWORK' is only in sysconfigdata.  So I couldn't get rid sysconfig dependency completely.

How can I do to solve this?

a) Drop "osx_framework_user" (`~/Library/Python/3.7/`) support completely.
b) Add "sys._osx_framework" attribute
c) Create minimal sysconfigdata only for
d) anything else?
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