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Author vstinner
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Date 2017-02-09.12:39:32
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> method_fastcall2.patch is tuning same function (call_method() in typeobject.c), and uses trick to bypass temporary method object (same to _PyObject_GetMethod()).

Oh, great idea! That's why I put you in the nosy list ;-) You know better than me this area of the code.

> Median +- std dev: [python.default] 155 ns +- 4 ns -> [python] 111 ns +- 1 ns: 1.40x faster (-28%)

Wow, much better than my patch. Good job!

Can we implement the same optimization in callmethod() of Objects/abstract.c? Maybe add a "is_method" argument to the static function _PyObject_CallFunctionVa(), to only enable the optimization for callmehod().
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