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So imagine you have the following files:

- foobar
  - pyfoo
    - src
      - test

Since Bazel is a build system, you declare (in directory foobar):

  name = "foo", # abstract name
  imports = ".",
  srcs = ["pyfoo/"], # Which source files are in that library

  name = "bartest",
  srcs = ["pyfoo/src/test/"], # The test script
  deps = ["foo"], # "Will import foo" -> import of foo's parent directory is added when executing test

Bazel does not ship with a specific Python version. So you (the user) start Bazel and provide it with a path to a Python on your system. This means that the Python version MAY be different on every execution of Bazel.

Then you can use Bazel to execute the bartest.
Bazel will create a temporary directory (as a bit of sandboxing) and copy all declared files (+ directories) into it. Bazel will execute the provided Python binary and try set PYTHONPATH so that a import foo does work (notice the imports declaration above).
This is the part where I think a ._pth alongside the script would be beneficial, because for every test invocation the paths will be different. And multiple tests may be executed in parallel (so a "global" ._pth does not cut it). Using a ._pth one could get around setting an environment variable.

Now to simplify deployment I want to put an embeddable Python alongside Bazel and always tell it to use this one. With Embeddable, the only way I have to modify sys.path is to execute Python with -c or write an intermediate script. Both can then modify sys.path and then load Obviously this is not as nice as having a direct command-line switch or ._pth mechanism available.

I hope I explained enough. If not - don't hesitate to ask.
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