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> 1. Changes to AST

I'm working on updating this part. There are some failing tests remains. 
But I doubt this stage is worth enough for now.

> a) Merge Num, Str, Bytes and Ellipsis constructors into a single Lit  (literal) that can hold anything. For one thing, this removes a good deal of copy-paste in the code, since these are always treated the same. (There were a couple of places where Bytes ctor was missing for no apparent reason, I think it was forgotten.) Otherwise, I would have to introduce at least 4 more node types: None, Bool, TupleConst, SetConst. This seemed excessive.

We have already Constant and NameConstant.  So it seems there are no need for
None, Bool, TupleConst, SetConst nodes.

I think converting Num, Str, Bytes, Ellipsis into Constant in folding stage
is easier than fixing all tests.

> b) Docstring is now an attribute of Module, FunctionDef and ClassDef, rather than a first statement. Docstring is a special syntactic construction, it's not an executable code, so it makes sense to separate it. Otherwise, optimizer would have to take extra care not to introduce, change or remove docstring.

Take docstring before constant folding isn't enough?
(I'm sorry if I'm wrong.  I haven't tried it yet.)

> c) 'None', 'True' and 'False' are parsed as literals instead of names, even without optimizations. Since they are not redefineable, I think it makes most sense to treat them as literals. This isn't strictly needed for folding, and I haven't removed all the artefacts, in case this turns out controversial.

They are all NameConstant already.
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