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Author lemburg
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Date 2017-01-24.10:28:44
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Hmm, looking at the patch again:

diff -r a089a8b1f93d Lib/
--- a/Lib/  Fri Jun 21 18:37:02 2013 -0400
+++ b/Lib/  Fri Jun 21 22:33:15 2013 -0700
@@ -368,7 +368,7 @@
     # -- these paths are relative to the Python source, but when installed
     # the scripts are in another directory.
     if _PYTHON_BUILD:
-        vars['LDSHARED'] = vars['BLDSHARED']
+        vars['BLDSHARED'] = vars['LDSHARED']
     # There's a chicken-and-egg situation on OS X with regards to the
     # _sysconfigdata module after the changes introduced by #15298:

I think that with the configure fix, the special case for AIX can be dropped altogether. It just polishes over the bug in configure, turning a relative path into an absolute one.
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