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My experience with changing the Python "filesystem encoding" (sys.getfilesystemencoding()) at runtime: it doesn't work.

The filesystem encoding must be set as soon as possible and must never change later. As soon as possible: before the first call to os.fsdecode(), which is implemented in C as Py_DecodeLocale(). For example, the encoding must be set before Python imports the first module.

The filesystem encoding must be set before Python decodes *any* operating system data: command line arguments, any filename or path, environment variables, etc.

Hopefully, Windows provides most operating system data as Unicode directly: command line arguments and environment variables are exposed as Unicode for example.

os.fsdecode() and os.fsencode() have an important property:
assert os.fsencode(os.fsdecode(data)) == data

On Windows, the other property is maybe more imporant:
assert os.fsdecode(os.fsencode(data)) == data

If the property becomes false, for example if the filesystem encoding is changed at runtime, you get mojibake. Example:

* os.fsdecode() decodes the filename b'h\xc3\xa9llo' from UTF-8 => 'h\xe9llo'
* sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding()
* os.fsencode() encodes the filename to cp1252 => you get 'h\xc3\xa9llo'
 instead of 'h\xe9llo', say hello to mojibake


Sorry, I didn't play with sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding() on Windows. I don't know if it would "work" if sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding() is the first instruction of an application. I expect that Python almost decodes nothing at startup on Windows, so it may work.

sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding() is a private method, so it shouldn't be used.

Maybe we could add a "fuse" (flag only sets to 1, cannot be reset to 0) to raise an exception if sys._enablelegacywindowsfsencoding() is called "too late", after the first call to os.fsdecode() / Py_DecodeLocale()?
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