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Author vstinner
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Date 2017-01-11.00:20:39
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I pushed 3 changes:

* rev b9404639a18c: Issue #29233: call_method() now uses _PyObject_FastCall()
* rev 8481c379e2da: Issue #29227: inline call_function()
* rev 6478e6d0476f: Issue #29234: disable _PyStack_AsTuple() inlining

Before (rev a30cdf366c02):

test_python_call: 7175 calls before crash, stack: 1168 bytes/call
test_python_getitem: 6235 calls before crash, stack: 1344 bytes/call
test_python_iterator: 5344 calls before crash, stack: 1568 bytes/call

=> total: 18754 calls, 4080 bytes

With these 3 changes (rev 6478e6d0476f):

test_python_call: 8587 calls before crash, stack: 976 bytes/call
test_python_getitem: 9189 calls before crash, stack: 912 bytes/call
test_python_iterator: 7936 calls before crash, stack: 1056 bytes/call

=> total: 25712 calls, 2944 bytes

The default branch is now as good as Python 3.4, in term of stack consumption, and Python 3.4 was the Python version which used the least stack memory according to my tests.

I didn't touch _PY_FASTCALL_SMALL_STACK value, it's still 5 arguments (40 bytes). So my changes should not impact performances.
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