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> What do you mean by "make the C locale"?

I was pointing to the Platform Support Changes of PEP 538.

> I'm not sure of the name of each mode yet.
> After having written the "Use Cases" section and especially the
> Mojibake column of results, I consider the option of renaming the
> "UTF-8 mode" to "YOLO mode".

Assumingly YOLO is meant to be negative: Things are whirling in my mind. Eventually you want to save your joker :>

> Using surrogateescape means that you pass through undecodable bytes
> from inputs to stderr which can cause various kinds of bad surprises.
> stderr is used to log errors. Getting a new error when trying to log
> an error is kind of annoying.

Hm, what bad surprise/error could appear that would not appear with backslashescape?
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