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Date 2017-01-06.12:37:37
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[no status change, this issue currently does NOT need any attention]

To keep issues separate, I just wanted to document a comment about this issue mentioned in issue29070. It refers to the _copy loop.

        if STDIN_FILENO in rfds:
             data = stdin_read(STDIN_FILENO)
             if not data:
+                # Proposal for future behavior change: Signal EOF to
+                # slave if STDIN of master is gone. Solves issue29054.
+                # os.write(master_fd, b'\x04')
                 _writen(master_fd, data)

> vadmium 2017/01/04 21:50:26
> I suggest leaving this for the other [issue29054, i.e. this] bug. Another option may be to send SIGHUP
> (though I am far from an expert on Unix terminals :).
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