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Author ncoghlan
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Date 2016-12-31.03:58:50
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The concern I have with using an unsigned value as the interpreter ID is that it's applying the "NULL means an error" idiom or the "false means an error" idiom to a non-pointer and non-boolean return type, whereas the common conventions for integer return values are:

* 0 = success in CLI return codes
* non-negative = success in int-based C APIs

If we were to use int_fast32_t for IDs instead, then any negative value can indicate an error, and the main interpreter could be given ID 0 to better align with the threading.Thread naming scheme.

Whether we hit runtime error at 2 billion subinterpreters or 4 billion subinterpreters in a single process isn't likely to make much difference to anyone, but choosing an idiosyncratic error indicator will impact everyone that attempts to interact with the API.
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